Insurance Claims

Insurance claim form

Roof Solutions Co has done hundreds of insurance claims. We work closely with the homeowner and the insurance company to make sure all damages are paid for and completed. You need someone who has a solid background in supplementing. 

A supplement is when your contractor asks the insurance company for additional items. An adjuster may not include the correct quantities, windows, paints, gutters, siding damage, building code items, etc., especially during the busy season. This is where Roof Solution Co comes in we will send a supplement to your insurance company to include missing items. 

Home Restoration Action Check List

  • Contact an established, local contractor to inspect the roof & exterior. 
  • WARNING: A damage inspection should not require your signature on any document. Use the damage inspection to screen the contractor – deciding if this is a contractor you trust handling future repairs.  
    • Yes, damage – proceed to the next step
    • No or minor damage – discuss repair options & costs with a contractor you trust.
  • Pick an established, local contractor (can be the same contractor who handled the damage inspection) you trust & can handle all necessary repairs, to be present during an insurance inspection. You should trust this contractor & be willing to hire them for repairs. 
  • CRITICAL: This contractor should have taken the time to document damages & be familiar with local code requirements. This will help expedite the insurance process. (fill out for quick reference)
    • Contractor _________________________________________
    • Contact ____________________________________________
    • Phone _____________________________________________
  • Call homeowner’s insurance company (fill out for quick reference)
    • Insurance Company __________________________________
    • Insurance Company Phone ____________________________
    • Claim # ________________________________ 
  • The insurance company adjuster will call to set an appointment for inspection. If possible, have them coordinate with your contractor, so both are present for the inspection (fill out for quick reference)
    • Adjustor’s Name____________________________
    • Phone__________________________
    • Inspection Date ________________ Time_________
  • Call your contractor with inspection information, if the adjuster isn’t going to do this.
  • On the day of the inspection, or shortly afterward, the Insurance Company will provide you the ‘Scope of work,” share this with your contractor for review and scheduling repairs.