Window Replacement

Window Replacement

Roof Solutions works with multiple window companies for window replacement. This allows us to meet your needs. Whether you want a the same window or something new, we can help. We take the time to listen. 


Window replacement can make your home quieter and less drafty. Not to mention it can enhance the look of your home. You can maximize your glass area by getting rid of the grids. Newer windows allow you to change the color of your window frame. Giving you a contemporary look with an open feel and lots of character.  

5 reasons for window replacement

  • Increase Energy Efficiency
  • Eliminate damage and Rotting window frames
  • Improve window operation
  • Street Noise
  • Condensation build-up or cracked glass

Increase Energy Efficiency – Do you feel a draft when you walk by your windows when they are closed? This could be causing a higher energy bill. Your HVAC unit is probably working twice as hard because of fluctuating temperature changes. Replacing these windows could help the temperature in your home.

Eliminate damage and Rotting windows – If your window frame is soft to the touch it is likely beyond repair. This could be an indication of water damage. Water damage will lead to rotting and saggy windows. 

Improve window operation – If your windows are rusting and rotting they may be difficult to open and close. Improperly installed windows can cause balance issues. If you cannot properly close your windows, you may not be able to lock them. This can impact the safety of your home. 

Street noise – There are a few reasons you might hear noise from the outside. Your windows weren’t sealed correctly, or they were made poorly to begin with. New double or triple pane windows can decrease the noise. Especially if you live on a busy road. 

Condensation build-up or cracked glass – If you are noticing condensation between the layers of glass, it means the seal has failed. Once this happens, you lose energy efficiency in your home. Cracked windows allow air to leak in and out of your home. 



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