House Painting

Roof Solutions provide’s interior and exterior painting. We will take the time to make sure the area is masked and taped properly. This allows us to only paint the intended areas. We prep the area by sanding, power washing, and scraping when needed. Doing this process ensures long-lasting, beautiful results and protects your home from Colorado’s changing weather.

4 Benefits to painting your home

  • Personalization
  • Protection
  • Value
  • Lower your energy bill

Personalization – Personalizing your home can do a lot more than just updating. You can pick colors based on how you want to feel. If you want to match your decor, feel happy, energized, sleepy or match your personality, there is a color for you. Changing the colors can make it feel like home. Imagine how new paint colors will make you feel.

Protection – We don’t think of paint as protecting. Paint protects your home from moisture, exposure to light, dust, and dirt. If your home has been hit with a hail storm it is likely exposed to moisture. A new coat of paint can help seal out moisture and protect against Colorado’s changing weather. 

Value – If you are planning on selling your home a new coat of paint can add curb appeal. This is an affordable way to make your home more marketable. It can make your home look cleaner, newer, and more attractive. 

Lower your Energy bill – If you wear a dark color in the summer you are hotter than when you wear a light color. This is the same principle that works for your home. If you have a dark color on the exterior the sun will absorb the color. By changing the exterior color to a lighter color the sun will reflect the sunlight. The higher the light reflective value (LRV) the less artificial light you will need. Most major paint manufactures can tell you LRV of any paint. 

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