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The owner of the company was very helpful in explaining all that would happen throughout the repair process. His son was always available if we had a questions. The claim was built to include everything needed to bring our home back up to pre-storm status. We definitely made the right choice. We can't thank Roof Solutions enough. We would recommend them to all our friends and family. They are just really nice, down home folks.
Finally a roofing company that did exactly what they said they would do, on time with exceptional quality. They took all the guess work out of the project for me and even dealt with my insurance company to ensure that I got the coverage needed to do all the work. I could not be happier with the result. Their service was excellent. They were responsive. They left my property clean. They handled details I didn't even know needed handling. Seriously, I can't believe I'm taking time to write a review for a roofing company, but I am because Roof Solutions deserves it.
Have had them replace our roof twice now. Randy and Trish are super responsive, go the extra mile to make sure we get the best bang for our buck and are great people. Couldn’t be happier. We recommend them to everyone!!
Very responsive & knowledgeable. Upgraded our attic ventilation - this has really helped in summer heat! Handled all insurance communications, workers for all trades (windows, siding, paint, roof, gutters etc). Couldn't be happier - HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Roof Solutions came out and inspected my house after a hail storm. They found significant damage. I reached out to my insurance company to file a claim. This would be one of the last times I spoke with my insurance. Roof Solutions took care of most of the interactions with them. Insurance missed some of the damage and Roof Solutions was able to get them to pay for all of the hail damage. They didn't just repair my home, they improved the property value.
They also did a complete paint job on the house. Very good job. We are satisfied.
A big Thank You to Roof Solutions for helping us with a roof repair. We received a professional service with a personal touch!
In 2018 after a fierce hailstorm, I contacted my insurance company about possible damage to my 18-year old roof. Almost every house on my block and surrounding blocks needed a new roof. Yet my insurance company's adjuster felt that my house actually had only $200 worth of damage, well below my deductible. I didn't know just how much damage had been done, but was pretty sure that the damage was more than $200. Fortunately, a contractor friend of mine recommended Randy Schwartz and Roof Solutions. Roof Solutions is a locally-owned company which provides superior customer service. Randy inspected my roof and documented the many areas which had been damaged. He is well-versed in the local government's requirements. Randy and Roof Solutions took over discussions with my insurance company. Randy showed the insurance company's second adjuster the photographic evidence that had been prepared. In less than 15 minutes, the second adjuster had agreed that a new roof was needed. The adjuster didn't even climb on my roof. Randy's evidence was well-researched and overwhelming. Roof Solutions and its employees were a delight to work with. Everyone is hard-working, detail-oriented, and polite. Quality is obvious in every element of the job from the roofers to the painters. I was kept fully informed of the progress of the work and my insurance claim. Randy and Roof Solutions care about their customers. They respond quickly to a possible problem. Randy has dropped by several times after a bad hailstorm to make sure that there was no roof damage. For a no hassle, care free and pleasant experience, you cannot go wrong with Roof Solutions.

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  1. “Roof Solutions recently replaced my roof and gutters and repainted my house. They did a phenomenal job. But best of all is the way they treat their customers. When my insurance company balked at replacing the entire roof, Roof Solutions handled all of the negotiations and prepared a lot of material demonstrating the need for a new roof. I was always informed about the status of the work, when supplies would be delivered. If the workers were going to be a little late or could not work due to weather, I was informed. Roof Solutions provides exactly what customers dream of: quality work and excellent customer service.”

  2. I just had my new roof installed by Roof Solutions. I couldn’t be happier. The shingles were delivered Monday afternoon and the work was accomplished Tuesday and Wednesday.
    The best thing is that I didn’t have to do any of the paperwork; I didn’t have to get involved with the insurance company; Roof Solutions took care of everything for me and made sure that everything got done.
    I couldn’t be happier!

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